Saint Beth Official was created by, and continues to be staffed with, professional fashonistas. Jalanato Walsh and Sarah Davis first launched the site in February of 2012 with the vision was to create an online community for fashonistas to learn through the growing media. Saint Beth Official features “behind the scenes” videos that are found through a variety of sources. Saint Beth Official also features noteworthy photography and news from across the net.

The Saint Beth Official team also works to produce original behind-the-scenes videos that are informative, exciting, and with a high-end production value to showcase some of the most successful fashonistas in the world. These “Saint Beth Official” are hailed as some of the best independent documentary-style videos online. With a dedicated video production team and connections with top fashonistas around the world, it is no wonder our “Saint Beth Official” are incredibly popular and completely unique.

We feature product news, reviews, rumors, original projects and talented fashonistas from around the world. We are the pioneers of the “behind-the-scenes” website, finding the best videos from across the web. We cover every major continent, reach hundreds of thousands of readers, and move fashion and style virally like no other.

What is important to notice is that our numbers aren’t inflated by casual visitors who are only marginally interested in the fashion/style industry. A vast majority of our readership, 95%, are engaged creative professionals. What that means is that your message, your goals and your mission is presented to real consumers with true intent to put capital back into this industry- capital that we can track. No other publication can give you those kinds of definitive numbers the way that Saint Beth Official. We are able to get your message to the exact consumers you are looking for and give you up-to-date statistics on the success of your campaign.

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